Who we are

Our company starts at the beginning of the Twentieth Century when the founder Giuseppe Bertani used to produce milk form just 20 alpine animals together with the one that some tens of other farmers provided to Villa Aiola cooperative lattery and then transformed into cheese with the typical shape of Parmigiano Reggiano.

Certified Industry

Thanks to this process we are able to carefully supervise all the production phases: Villa Aiola is one of the few Parmigiano Reggiano producers that completely handles the whole cheese production chain indeed, as certified by the specific CERMET UNI-EN ISO 22005:2008 validation

Villa Aiola Farm

The company has grown over the years, changing hands to children and grandchildren.

From 2005 cheese production has been doing in the new cheese factory of the company, so that we are able to convert our milk straight into the wonderful product that since centuries is typical of this production area.

We have built brand new barns and haylofts with passion and dedication and we are continuously evolving to optimize our facilities.

Our philosophy is producing a healthy and genuine cheese, following the old traditions.

In order to reach this goal, we directly cultivate forage fields, take care of our animals’ nutrition always following strict rules that forbid using ensiled forages and fermented food, and we raise our cows in the best possible way so that we can internally produce our Parmigiano Reggiano by using only genuine milk.